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And then I blocked him.

So, LookinSWBris is back, this time as LockandKeyBris, and instead of just being rude, as I thought was his usual trick, he’s also…completely and utterly delusional.

This conversation and the one I linked? Are the only times I’ve ever spoken to him. I have never told him I wanted to be a sub — never told anybody I want to be a sub, actually, because I really don’t. He’s either got me severely confused with someone else, or is in fact a complete nutter.

It’s all really hilarious until I thought, well, fuck, some poor girl is going to fall for the pretend compliments and shit, and I think I just established that this creep is the kind who would be likely to leave bodies in drainpipes. I feel like I should give the Indooroopilly Police Station a heads-up, or something.


  1. allycatraz said: Oh my God, the tales I could tell you from weirdos I’ve been on OKCupid @_@; They have a propensity for scaring the crap out of pretty girls like us, it seems. Terribly sorry you had to deal with this douche.
  2. serpentchild said: Don’t these “Doms” realize that the real power belongs in the sub’s hands and it’s the SUB that chooses if they want to engage in the D/s dynamic? These guys know nothing about D/s. Seriously. So forcing someone to be your sub? WRONG ALL THE WAY.
  3. allenby said: I’m at a loss for words as to how messed up this guy is. What a creepazoid.
  4. utterlyvexing said: Oh dear. Wow, what a colossal jackass.
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